Sunday, October 14, 2012

a moment in the sun

We go from here to there. 
That is Boo all the way back there on the bars doing what she loves to do in a meet that happened to fall on her 9th birthday.
Yesterday's meet did its own flip.  Boo took gold in vault.
8th on floor with one of the best moments of the whole meet when her and the girl beside her from an opposing gym slapped each other spontaneous high-5's. 
5th on Bars (standing down on the floor next to 3rd place podium)
And yet did well enough to finishing Silver in the All Around.  Sharing the other best meet moment of the meet standing right below one of her Bestie who was taking a well earned Gold.
Her team taking First again!
And this little glimpse of her all done up.
If you look closely you can see through her glasses.
Happy Birthday Boo!


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