Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I have been trying to help Boo focus more on her spelling.  We just started using spelling lists again which on their own are very boring.  Of course, I found she likes working with them a little bit more if I present them in creative ways or fun themes.  Her temperature related list we wrote on thermometer cut outs, her color words we colored and created monsters out of the lettering.  If a word gives her a lot of trouble she writes it out on a piece of paper giving big spaces between each letter then folds it like an accordion.  She can then practice spelling it out loud unfolding the paper as she goes to see how she is doing. 
For her first list of fall words we made a word coffin.
For practice I wrote her words down the side of a page of drawing paper leaving out several letters from each word.  Then I drew a graveyard giving each tombstones one of the missing letters.  The instruction were to use the letters from the letter graveyard to complete her words.  After she finished I had her create a page like it for me to do.
(see one, do one, teach one)  
Other ways we like to practice spelling are: reverse hangman (you give the number of spaces and announce the word the speller tries to spell it correctly before getting 'hung'), hangman, word searches, boggle squares, hop scotch (using the words or letters instead of numbers), stamping, puzzle letter blocks, word bingo, writing funny sentences on the dry erase board trying to use all the words from her list, and good old fashion spelling tests.  "Anyway but sitting and copying them a millions times!" Boo says.

Just a bit of home school fun.

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