Saturday, September 29, 2012

only Boo

This is Boo's third year in competitive gymnastics.  In Level 3 she went all season undefeated in the All Around and in the spring took the title of State Champion.  She turned around 4 months later and did the same thing in Level 4 Fall season (8yrolds).  In her first Level 5 meet she did it again getting the gold in the All Around for 9 and under!!!

The back side of victory!

Knowing all streaks must end, we developed the idea to celebrate however long her undefeated streak we celebrate!  Boo had a great meet.  Beautiful bars, great (for her) vault, a solid beam, and an amazing floor, barely missed the All Around Gold by tenths (to a team mate yeah GTC!!) and took Silver.  But in true Boo fashion it wasn't so much over an error that her streak has shall we say has come to a sweet end, it was over an addition.  On her floor routine the big tumbling pass is a round off double back hand spring and guess what?  Boo threw a round off TRIPLE back hand spring.  For scoring info: it cost her 4 tenths, turning a 9.5 to a 9.1 routine & dropping her floor from first to third.  lol!!! What a way to go :) 
Congratulations GTC on another 1st place team win today. 
Boo taking third on floor :)
And how did Boo take it?  "Next time I think I will throw in a front tuck too!"  Congratulations Boo-Bear we are so proud of you. 

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