Friday, August 24, 2012

spelling and the 'knock at the door' I've been waiting for

Ever since we walked away from school-school I have wondered when, who, & how, not if, this would happen...  9 am on a school day Boo and I are out front using sidewalk chalk to play spelling word Boggle with her temperature related spelling words.  A city police car drives slowly past, like the lone officer inside is looking for something.  He stops just beyond the edge of our property flips a U turn pulling over in front of my driveway.  With his window down he motions for me to come over to him.
Despite being a 39 year old mother of 4, I look like a skater.  I am wearing ripped up skinny jeans, black gym shoes, a black & grey t shirt silk-screened by a local street artist (aka a tagger), and a glorified ball hat.  My hair is that perfect mess of waxy curls I hate and yet how to get them is all over Pinterest, it does nothing to aid my credibility. 
He is very friendly offers me a big smile, “Is that your little girl?”  Boo is too busy working to notice what is going on. 
“Yes Sir, she is.”  I can tell he has no idea how old I am.
“Isn’t she supposed to be in school?”  And he is only guessing, a bit unsure about how old Boo is.   He seems more curious than official. 
“Yes Sir, and she is.  We home school her.”
He nods, sort of chuckling.  “Yeah, I thought she was skipping school.” But it wasn’t a ‘I was mistaken’ sort of comment it was a statement ‘your child is skipping school but I can't do anything about it.’  He nods again, “Thank you and you have a nice day.”  And he drives slowly off.

Perhaps now would be a good time to file that paperwork with the state…3 years later.

First time I wear skinny jeans and I get questioned by the police, it’s defiantly something to keep in mind.  

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  1. I have friends who homeschool and hardly go anywhere during the day for fear that someone will question her about why her children are not in school. Emma and I? We go everywhere and I let her answer all the questions :0)
    Oh, and I can't wait to move to Montana as all I have to fill out is one sheet of paper for as long as we live there. Awesome.