Thursday, August 23, 2012

in the urban growth community garden

I write for a small community newspaper.  When I go out on 'assignment' Boo usually comes with.  The spot we were dispatched to was a corner lot under a giant billboard where a local woman has turned blight into beauty.  But not everyone sees it as such, the City wants the tall flowers gone.  That is the story I was sent to write.
In the garden Boo wrote her own. 
The main character is a snail.
Which Boo tried to feed to the hens
but they wanted nothing to do with it. 
"Perhaps they aren't French hens", she said.
And the snail made its get away.
I hope the flowers are as lucky.


  1. Where is this? Love the Beach staring down the snail.

  2. I love this "parallel" story, Misty. It is so cool that you took Beach with you on assignment. :) Thanks for writing. I thought this story was right up your alley!

    @ Sarah: The Urban Growth community garden is on the corner of 400 North and 900 West.