Saturday, August 25, 2012

good advice we shouldn't need

Maybe you heard this too?  It is helpful advice on how not to forget your child is in the backseat of your hot car "Put something important you won't forget in the back seat with your baby like your laptop or your purse."

I have left a cup of coffee on the roof of my car and drove three blocks. 

Driving away after dropping my child at grandma's for the afternoon I turned around to instinctively check on the child (I had just dropped off) to find she wasn't in her car seat, freaked out then remember oh yeah...

I have left the oven, sprinkler, coffee maker, and hose on. Perhaps all at same time.

I have set my car keys down in a store and walked off.

I have thought I lost my keys then found them in my ignition cause I was driving.

People make mistakes.  Some mistakes don't matter and some do such harm there is no way to fix the error.  I'm not pointing the finger at individuals I am question a society where the important thing(s) we won't forget isn't our children. 


  1. I read that too! crazy. So backwards.
    You know I leave my sleeping kids in the car for short periods. I always feel a bit guilty. However, I feel so guilty that I check on them every 5 minutes. I am never unaware of exactly where they are.
    So I guess I am guilty and not guilty?
    Either way the thing about a laptop or purse being more important than a baby is so ridiculous it's almost funny. but not...

  2. I agree with Sarah, it's almost funny but in a sicking kinda way that you have to laugh about or you'll go a bit crazy. I not only double check that the kiddo is in the car, but I'll get a few miles down the road and panic about if she's buckled or not (even though we always do a buckle check before we put the car in drive).

    Some people really need to figure out what is really important in life.