Monday, June 25, 2012

summer lessons

I am troubled by Boo's spelling.  She reads the words, she spells the words, but when it comes to writing she misspells a lot of words that I feel she know by now...
But we are so busy with life. 
Gym is during the day for 4 hrs three times a week. 
Her Step-Brother is here full time. 
Summer is happening. 
I miss quiet cool mornings doing studies. 
I miss knowing exactly what we were working on. 
But yesterday at the lake I watched her Kayak. 
When did she learn that?!?!
Her Papa said he couldn't believe how well she knew the water and the strokes she needed.  Wow, think of the lessons comprised within Kayaking.  I have said this before sometimes she is the teacher and I am the student. 
Please continue with your summer we are doing just fine.       

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  1. I've had this same kind of experience. Sophie struggles to write as well. I watch the strain on her face and it takes her so long. It's confusing to me because language is so natural for my brain. I get scared cuz I don't know how to help. I can't relate.
    Then I watch her kneeboard from behind a boat at 5 years old. She's cutting into the wake with fearless determination and I don't feel so worried.
    Everyone has areas that click and areas to grind through.