Saturday, June 16, 2012

stuffed animal sleepover at the public library

A super fun event at our library is the stuffed animal sleepover :)

"What adventures could you have in the library at night? Drop off your stuffed animal, doll or other toy and they can find out for you! Leave them at the library anytime on Friday, and come back Saturday morning to pick them up. Enjoy a doughnut while you watch the shenanigans they were up to during the night!"
We did this 2 years ago and simply had to do it again!!!
It is pretty cute stuff.
There are Boo and her best buddy checking out the line up of animals.
"Hi Mom!"
You can't go wrong by starting your morning in a room full of laughing children.
These two are perfectly matched <3
Special thanks to Coach Wendy for meeting me at 10 am (on her birthday)
so the girls could do this but still get to have a sleepover & a day out with her.

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