Friday, June 8, 2012

reading now: The Endless Steppe

The Endless SteppeI read the Endless Steppe in the fifth grade and I have never forgotten it.  When I found it in a local thrift store I had to bring it home.  The true story begins in June 1941 with the Rudomin family's arrested by the Russians (for being Jewish). They are forced from their home and friends in Vilna, Poland, herded into crowded cattle cars, and shipped to the endless steppe of Siberia.
I must admit even though I carefully set us up to read this book with lots of talking about prejudices (specific and general), touching on all the ways one could be discriminated against, reading 2 previous books with the same subject, and watching a short educational DVD called The Olympic Doll (, after we finished the first chapter last night I had to ask her if the book was too sad.  She compared it to the fear and hardships of Little House but called it more interesting.  Maybe as an adult I feel the pain of the child more than Boo does, the fear of not being able to protect your children...
Sadly, there is no easy way to get through this time period but I feel it is important and the Endless Steppe is a hauntingly beautiful way to see the terrors of evil and the triumphs of the human spirit.

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