Sunday, June 3, 2012

on a Sunday at home

After a few days of madness rush-rush-rush.... 
A nice slow day with french toast
Outdoor painting
Home Magazine Collage, well houses...
Fresh squeezed mint lemon aid
Chomp & Seuss
Broccoli-Corn Chowder in the crock-pot
Buttered toast
Green Jello (yep)
Fresh garden lettuce
And National Geographic Extreme Cave Dives

[Homemade Mad Lib]
How to pack a bag for a pearl diving vacation.
First you need a well fitting chair for diving into ferocious water.  You don’t want to throw your car bottoms when you roll into the ocean.  You must also pack plenty of fluffy food and cuddle water.  It is necessary to take a rough sunscreen and a freezing towel. 
When diving, you will need a sturdy TV to carry your oysters in.  Always remember when splashing for pearls to check that you are not diving into shallow monsters.  And be sure to surface slower than your bubbles fly to avoid getting sick with the chicken-pox.  
Once you have gathered all your canoes you will need a purple sharp knife to open them.   Be careful not to cut off your shins!  Always remember to swim up after yourself.  You may want to have on hand a bar of skates and shampoo to wash away the hippo smell.  A good set of gritty clothes for go into town to sell your pearls and fast money for beer.

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