Sunday, May 13, 2012

water in the desert: mom's day camping day I

For Mother's Day we camp!  This year, just like last year we headed for Baker Hot Springs, Utah (or Crater Hot Springs).  Located about 20 miles northwest of Delta.  Baker is heated by active magma not too far below the surface from nearby Furnarole Butte, a large volcanic area only 6 millions years old. 
In geologic standards that makes it a baby!
Them bones we found...
The camping spots are pretty plain & nothing to write home about except for the owls & the occasional wandering cattle. 
There are 3 nice, semi-developed soaking pools where you can easily control the water temperature between the hot & cold springs. 
The pools out in the fields are less accessible & most of them are way too hot for soaking but worth walking around to see ( if you don't mind spiders too much, yikes!).  
Baker has been called 'Little Yellowstone' and it may not be that impressive it does have a lot of very interesting geo-activity & formations.
Soaking time!
What a lovely day!

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