Wednesday, May 30, 2012

summer school

Throw out everything you have ever 'heard' me say about how we school or what we are doing because it is summer and we have a new path to blaze.  That is one of the most beautiful things about home school, try it, do it, change it, speed up, slow down, run through the sprinklers...
With summer everything over here changes.  The garden takes more and more time.  The gym schedule changes from evening to day time hours.  Boo's Step Brother joins the family.  We camp, we farm, we market, we stroll, we hike.... So school has to change too.  School has to get skinny to fit in a swimsuit.  I've decided to put some of our long deep studies aside (just when they were getting good!) and focus on what needs to happen and what makes the most sense to have happen. 
Summer School:
READ-READ-READ.  Our reading list is Biography and Historical-fiction heavy and although I was planning on reading the text book type history to go along with them I've decided to not to, for the summer anyway.
Play Games, lots and lots of games.  Right now Reverse Hangman is working out some of our spelling issues.  You give the number of letters & the word and they try to spell it correctly without getting hung.  State to State & Name that State are great educational favorites around here too.

Master the Periodic Table.  The other day doing geography circles (alien directions) I had an idea to do/learn/teach the elements pretty much the same way.  Using circles and The Periodic Table Elements With Style! by Basher & Dingle.  I can talk and read to her while she draws the element on a circle and when we are done we can add it to the Element Ring.  Depending on time or attention we can make as many as we want and stop when we want to (a key to happy summer work I think).

Mad Libs.  Not just doing them creating them too.  It covers all you need for English, long car rides, and sleep-overs.

BUT since we need to work on our spelling Daily Story Prompts in a Story Journal.  All you need is a notebook.  You write the plot prompt for the day at the top of the page and have the writer write double space so you can make corrections and edits.  Boo loves scary stories so ours will be based around the adventures of Mr. Bones the skeleton.  Examples of the prompt: a storm rolls in, your character finds a strange shaped stone, a dark figure appears, the door bell rings....

We have agreed to work in our Math Work Book but again it is so simple to start and stop that I don't see an issue with fitting it in.  The trick is to take it with you when there is any chance of waiting around.

ART-ART-ART (Pinterest is my new best girl friend for art ideas!)

Maps.  Travel and Papa handles that.

Agriculture (ode to the urban farm).   

This last one might seem odd but for those hot summer afternoons that we aren't at a pool or in a lake Classic Movies.  The sky is the limit, there is always something to learn from a classic.

That is the plan but we all know they learn what they need when they need it and summer is a time of exploration and discover. 
I'm ready.  Are you?  


  1. We are so looking forward to this summer! We (yes, me and Emma) just got a job helping out a woman who runs a hatchery not far from my in-laws. She raises ducks, geese, chickens and turkeys which are free range unless they are breeding. She also has farm cats/kittens, and farm dogs/puppies (one of which we will be bringing home on the 11th!).

    I will be working some long hours but I am so excited about all that Emma and I will be learning in the process.

    We may not have our own flock yet, but at least now we can practice with someone elses :)