Monday, May 28, 2012

the long weekend

On Saturday Boo came down with the 24 hr stomach flu...
it wasn't much fun.
But we all lived through it.
With a little help from YouTube, Webkinz, & the sunshine basket (craft & toys set aside for sick or rainy days) Tenny
and those crazy pipe-cleaner jesters Boo made.
  Before she got sick I had promised her a yard sale date for Sunday since most Saturdays she is in the gym and we drive past all the neon signs yelling: Yard Sale! but can't stop.  The flu put us off a day but Monday morning (being a holiday) armed with good friends we went adventuring and found...
Among some other small treasures not shown there was stuff for art.
And stuff to read.
We rolled back home around lunch time. We finished off the cinnamon muffins from breakfast and spent the rest of the day in the yard, reading Chomp, & farming...well picking flowers & pulling weeds :)
It is safe to say she's all better.

We all are.
(homemade deep-dish pizza)

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  1. We listened to the bunnicula series on audio last year on our drive out to Arizona and Emma LOVED them! Great finds :)