Friday, May 18, 2012

a few days of unschool

We have busy over here following the unschooling path for a bit. 
No Bake Cookies right out of the pot!
Boo led the whole family into studying Death Valley.  We collected science text & DVDs on the area.  I even got 2 books for myself on the subject: one was a suspense novel and the other a memoir about the Badwater ultra marathon 130+ miles through Death Valley (which led me back into the mom-in-serious-training mode).
Sneaking in some math work
This is how unschooling works, while we were in the 'grown up' DVDs we picked up a few more on subjects like food (Food Inc.), climate change (Nova), magic, classic horror, and fitness ("Look mom-mom, I found another Julian for you!").  
Right now Boo is patiently waiting for a DVD on Harry Houdini to come in at the library but until then the family is enjoying the seemingly random learning that has exploded around us. 

We have also spent a lot of time out in the beautiful weather.  Our little farm is getting a new fence and that isn't a small task.  We have been lucky to have Papa's Papa over every day helping out. 

Boo & I managed to get out for a spin and some water play with the SLHS kids club.  
We are really loving the time we are spending with them :)
Boo spent a day at grandma's playing name that state & memory. 
And of course, many many hours at the gym practicing all those level 5 skills, head into a long summer of preparing for Fall meet season which starts about the end of August.  

Wheels day SLHS at Liberty Park

Life is rolling along :)


  1. We actually just started "school" this morning. After unpacking Emma's workbooks that we have always just had laying around, I suggested to her that maybe when she wakes up (well before anyone else) that she might want to spend a few minutes working in her work books, which I would then look over once I woke up. She seemed to enjoy it this morning so we will see if she sticks with it.

    Next week the search begins for hs groups in our area.

    1. It is raining here so we schooled today too. But as summer comes we mostly unschool. We do read every morning, work on spelling, and we have a goal of completing our math work book. It is nice to be able to do what is best when it is best :) I love home education.