Monday, April 30, 2012

when in doubt watch the children

I could see the calender plotting against me.  The triple bookings backing-up from last weekend and spilling across the week then exploding into the weekend ahead.  We can pick up our trail Friday, after a late night at the gym heading to Red Butte Gardens for Arbor Day, a whole weekend of school, farm, & house work crammed into the afternoon then off to the Rose Wagner for Iridescence.
Boo after Iridescence
Saturday 9-12  gym the last day of level 4! Following the emotional end of what was a very close team for nearly 2 yrs we collected Boo's best gym rat friend & headed into the Wasatch Back for a wild night of Grown-up birthday bowling & a mountain sleep-over. I'm pretty sure I slept about a total of an hour then got up and cooked breakfast for 14.  We missed the drop off for the gym rat back to her dad by an hour and that put us completely behind for the next event, a kid's Mad Science birthday party way out on the other end of town at Crown Burger, the family business our dear friends own.  
I managed to change & put some photos of the night before up while Boo finished making the gift. Exhausted by back to back events running late (not my style) I missed the exit then proceeded to drive the wrong direction for several more blocks.  
I backtracked the section of State Street twice between the 2 freeway entrances but being one whole exit north of where I needed to be I didn't find it again.  No cell phone, late, and lost!!! But worse than lost, I was totally confused. 
Not have any idea what to do and near tears I began driving north wondering if I had completely lost my mind to not be able to find my way to a place I know.  Apologizing to the anxious child in the backseat and then there it was Crown Burger! 
You know once you have started down the road of panic & desperation it is hard to recover but there is a sure fired fix: look at those faces.      
Look at the Birthday Boy!!!!
Isn't he the cutest little guy you have ever seen?!
Oh the sweet faces of children.
Happy Birthday Little Man, we love you!
Super big thanks to the K family (again) for a wonderful time.
And then back across town, change clothes, and off to the canyon for a BBQ with our other set of besties.

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