Thursday, April 19, 2012

unschooling tools: around town

When I am asked or I offer the reasons we home school I never think to include 'because of life'. 
Because of moments straight out of Children's books. 

Museums and libraries and visits to zoos are very nice. 
But even nicer is the day to day living your child is enveloped in at your side. 
Real life visits to the land of Mister Roger's & We Help Mommy. 
It may seem old fashion or perhaps retro-chic but the world around our town is the world of a home maker: bakeries, fabric stores, food co-ops, the corner park, a trip to Papa's work, the post office, a duck pond...
At home, clothing goes on the clothes line in the yard 
& the chickens nap in the shade of it.
We walk to get ice cream.
We sale our eggs in a self serve cooler out front.
Around town, talk about signs and people. 
We watch traffic and talk about taxes.
We talk about streets and maps.
We go to book stores and second hand stores.
And window shop the pets at the pet store.

I home school. 
My child knows how to unit price, she knows the value of things you would never think to ask an 8 year old about, the price of a good loaf of bread, of berries, of a pound of apples or spicy cheese. 
She understands how life works out there. 
She is learning it in real time, in real spaces, in real places.
And every time I look down at her beside me in the check line
I see childhood smiling back.

We contributed our unschooling tools: around town to OLM


  1. Great post! This is one of my favorite things about our life style. The fact that I never have to "teach" her how to do groceries, or the laundry, or how to manage her time with all the errands that need to be done. She is learning these life lessons the same way she learns everything else. Through living.

  2. i think about that a lot - that my girls are well-versed in life, in so many things the grown-ups around them never imagine they know. how to do so much around the house, how to shop for produce at the market, how to identify wild edibles or recognize the trees around here...