Tuesday, April 17, 2012

tuesday swap day with a bump or two

I woke up thinking about the home school girls I was in charge of today.  But instead of thinking about the fun we would have together map making at the The Bend in The River Park I was worrying about the Great Utah ShakeOut.  Perhaps worrying is the wrong word (?) I was realizing I will not be right beside them when it happens....I suppose it has never occurred to me even through all my Red Cross training, through my Earthquake Preparedness Education as the Director of a Cooperative Nursery School (which sits on the fault line!) that the chance of me being right beside her when (& if in our lifetime) the ground beneath us moves, is practically negligible.  
I suppose I always believed I would grab her, take cover, & hold on together.  We are together a lot but not all the time and not side by side: in an earthquake you can't be running around the place, more people get killed leaving spaces than those who drop & cover in the spot they were in.  I believed me knowing what to do was more than enough for the both of us.  I am now realizing I need to teach her how to 'make it' on her own. 

I suppose this week is rapidly becoming Safety Week.  Eyewitness DVD Natural Disasters.  We watched snippets of one of the news programs kids will leave with anyone offering ice cream.  And we talked about it.  The earthquake information caused us to talk about in the event of a fire...

This isn't about fear it is about knowledge and knowledge is power.  At 9:00 it was raining.  I helped the girls haul the playmobil box to the greenhouse.  I reminded them at 10:15 I would announce our earthquake, asked them once more to tell me what they would do.
At 10:14 in the rain I made my way out to the greenhouse.  At t10:15 I announced the quake.  At 10:16 we talked about all the things in the greenhouse which would have fallen over.  At 10:17 we called home on Colby's cell, turns out Super-Readiness-Mom does not know her own phone number & I had to ask Boo what it was!!!! No, I'm not joking, it is a relatively new number but the call went through and so did Colby's incoming call to check on his family.  And at 10:18 the kids ordered an early lunch.
I don't think we will be map making today perhaps we will go puddle jumping instead.        


  1. We should probably start to brush up on this more. I use to be a certified CPR instructor, but it lapsed a long time ago. I think I need to fix that problem.
    We have talked about stranger danger, and other things like that, but my daughter seems to have inherited my "what if" tendencies and will obsess about all the bad things that can happen. Makes me walk a fine line between educating and terrifying her.

    1. It is a fine line, but one of the many advantages of home education is knowing your child well enough to know what & how to help them so they might access the information they need :) At the preschool I was the Director of the parents voted to not do fire & earthquake drills, 'fear' was the main reason. I can't say I agree with that choice but I can say I understood it.