Monday, April 9, 2012

todays to-do's

Tucked inside the pages of one of the books we picked up second hand was a another mother’s to-do-list.  It was simple items, names, times, little gym classes, and errands but I was fascinated by it: it was a snap shot of someone else’s life….

What would you find on my to-do-list today?

Run 1 hr/shower/dress

Brkfst, pack Big C's lunch

Reading: 25 min. Boo, ~30 min. in Magic Tree House, (?) time World Book Story re: Tar Pits and answer the quiz questions

Learn Roman Numerals 1-30

Pick up dog food in the AM @ the Spanish Market

Check on Lady Bug’s leg, clean wound, food & water

Check on nesting hen, give her food & water

Collect eggs & then call the egg lady with the #

BrainQuest questions ~30 min.

Science chapter ~30 min.

math ~25 min.
Return Library books, pick out new ones, & walk in the Eco garden

Picnic lunch at the park, plan Boo’s spring party

Help Boo with her writing project

3:30 Food Co-op sale opens/ sign up for pick-ups (have Boo do all the math)

meet C-boy at skate park

E-mails: sister for noodle recipe, T.R. re: swap tomorrow, Council member re: library Steering committee

look up: swim team practice times & $$$, out door rec. summer pool pass $$$
call: (!)

clean off my desk, pick up the tv room, & tidy the bathrooms

dinner: spicy peanut noodles with red cabbage asparagus

run C-Boy to a friend's house

pm family swim at rec. center watch Goosebumps DVD & Predatory or Prey DVD

reading ~1hr.

PM check on Lady Bug’s leg, clean wound, food & water

Get Boo showered & into bed on time (Gymnastic Level’s Promotion Try-Outs tomorrow night 4-8 PM)

Yep, That was today :) well, kind of...

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