Thursday, April 26, 2012

today was like this...

 In homeroom we pulled weeds.
During second we did silent reading.
In third we did bagel math because our almost-grown big sister works at a bagel shop.
(yes, that wedge shape with holes in it is supposed to be cream cheese)
In fourth we changed all the rules & instead of filling in the blanks with: all, some, or none, based on the pictures we filled in the blanks randomly with all, some, or none and then answered true or false.
 For fifth one of us did self directed learning about tornadoes and hurricanes.
The other baked a lemon-zucchini bread.
 In sixth we copper plated a nail using lemons, salt, and dingy pennies.
 Then in seventh we played State-to-State, finished the war of 1812, & moved west!!!
 In eighth we solved a murder mystery.
Ninth? P.E. GYM!!!

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  1. We have been playing so much Clue lately! Fun connection. And fun to get a glimpse of a day of homeschooling for your family.