Wednesday, April 25, 2012

a pain in the hip

"In growing children an excessive muscle contraction can pull off part of the muscle attachment from the pelvic bone. This type of injury is most likely to occur when a child is jumping, sprinting... The severe pain requires immediate medical care."  Did you read that last part? 
Severe pain. 
Immediate medical care...

Papa and Boo came home well after dark.  He had taken Boo to a clients house with him for some minor finishing touches to a deck job.  They climbed onto the sofa with me and helped my watch the movie I had been enjoying in peace until they rolled in.  In between about a thousand questions on the movie plot & characters (My Sister's Keeper) and the many ethical debates Boo said, "I was chasing their rabbit & chinchilla and I heard my hip pop."
"Did it hurt?"
"I did round off back hand springs after I did it.  Mom, have you ever held a chinchilla?"
Twenty minutes later.  "My hip hurts."
"I asked you if it hurts and you said no?!"
"I didn't say no, I said I did round off back hand springs."
"Okay, tell me exactly what happened"  And of course she couldn't.  The story I got started shortly after her birth with loads of unrelated details.  I tried about four times to get the right information: what exactly were you doing when it happened? did it hurt right then? how much does it hurt now? In frustration I iced it, offer pain med's which she declined, & put her to bed.

At 9 am the next morning I am on the phone with the Dr. 'hip injury' is a magic phrase.  "How quickly can you be here?" and a half hour later she is labled a text book Apophyseal Avulsions Injury.  [Because of its strong attachment, the tendon can actually pull a small piece of bone (the apophysis) off the pelvis with a forceful contracture (apophyseal avulsion).]  Okay maybe not text book that would have required some crying.

We left the Dr. office with a note restricting some of her activities.  Boo complaining about the money we spent on the visit the whole way back to the car (43.50 is a great price for a self pay emergency dr visit!).  And before I lose my mind completely over this child's inability to report pain I take a big breath in & out. 
If you are wondering how she is doing... from the Dr.'s office I dropped her off for school swap at Joyful Liberation.  She went to gym that afternoon with restrictions in place & her coach watched her like a mother hen, reporting she could tell she was in pain despite all the denials.  Then Boo went to a sleep over back at Joyful liberation.  I managed to keep the checking on her to 1 phone call knowing she is in good hands with Mommy T.  She is just fine, I think.


  1. That is one tough cookie you have there. I hope she heals up quickly!

  2. Yes, pain is a nuisance our children cannot afford. Sophie is the same way...I can never get the whole story. My best bet as Sophie's mom is to stay out of the way and let the comet streak past, perhaps snap some photos, and figure out what just happened in the morning.