Friday, April 20, 2012

the other day

When I find myself with a teacher preparation day
I go hunting for home school (& home) tools.
I found some good second hand games at our local thrift store. 
Got both of them for 1.50 because the Bingo game wasn't priced
by them & the clerk said, "oh well, it must be free!"
 I know I have overdosed on books lately so I promised not to buy anything
I couldn't live without.  The Endless Steppe, I read it in the about the 6th grade
and have never forgotten it: big can't live without. 
As for The Printer's Devil, I believe it is our next family novel...
Boo requested a Book of World Records not quite what she ordered
but for 4 bucks this big Ripley's book had to come home too.
I found 2 dressed I thought Boo might like
 if she wanted to try the idea of wearing dresses,
no pressure of course at $2 each. 
The denim one was a huge hit!
Suspiciously church looking dress was met with skepticism,
"Where would I wear this?"
"Anywhere you want, the park, the field, to a friends, on the trampoline..."
She thought a moment, "Then I like it."
Some summer tops & shorts.

 The best find of all, new fuzzy lined crocks $5!!!
Second hand shops, tag sales, farmers' markets, & co-ops: the only shopping I like :)  

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