Monday, April 16, 2012

a monday in motion from math to museum to market

We started the day early with math.  Moved seamlessly to language arts & reading.  From there we spent some time working on our Geological Time Scale.  A mostly-grown sister showed up between college classes and laundry to talk about The Hunger Games (the books not the movie) and to correct my pronunciation of Greek names :) The big news of the morning was we finished Ancient Greece.  So on to Rome via Natural Disasters Eyewitness DVD (it's a Pompeii thing).
Tree House Museum in Ogden, 30 or so minutes north of SLC
For geography and art we headed to the Tree House Museum. They have a special admissions price on Monday's.  We parted with 4 bucks and spent 2.5 hrs having fun. 

 I can't explain the double hoodie she is famous for but I like the flower. 

Utah Geography

Regional Geography

Notice she is still wearing the bomber hoodie under the cowboy hat!

US Geography

World Geography
On to Art

Performance Art & Architecture

Making a wish...
We can't go to the Tree House Museum without a trip to Farr's Ice Cream parlor.

And we can't go all week without bread fresh from the Stone Ground Bakery or without vegetables and Nutty Guys from the Food off to the markets we go.

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  1. So much fun! I wish we could of joined you guys. Thank you for sharing.