Friday, April 6, 2012

lady bug, the underdog cat

 This photos tells a true story: that is Boo's real cat Lady Bug and that is a real police officer out front of our little urban farm keep life on the street at just he right pace.  He let her sit with him for a long time and he let us snap this photo.
 We have three cats.  Lady Bug was adopted from PAWS after giving birth to liter of kittens when she was only 9 months old.  She is tiny and delicate.  Within a few months of her adoption the other two cats a brother and sister (about 12 weeks old) were left by parties unknown in an evergreen bush on the corner of the property.  PAWS fixed them for us for super cheap and suddenly we were a three cat family.
The other day Lady Bug came home limping.  She is pretty ruffled with cuts and such.  Now she gets cat food and water in bed, a litter box, and full time nursing care. 
Hopefully she is on the mend the poor dogs are so jealous. 

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