Tuesday, April 10, 2012

growing pains & children's books: good-bye Magic Tree House

Hour of the Olympics (Magic Tree House, #16)
I was a paragraph in when it hit me: this is horrible.  But I kept reading.  It's not about literature it is about history.  On the second page Boo said, "I could read this." A funny little smile hanging on her face, like something smelled bad.  A bit later, "Don't you think it is awkward how they keep saying 'Jack said, Annie said, Jack said, Annie said'."
I can't help but to laugh.  My child knows good literature and she knows this isn't it.  I'm sorry Magic Tree House books, it is us, not you.  I remember us reading them when she was 5 & 6, the stories were okay but the information in them, what a wonderful idea for a book series!Yesterday we read the entire book, learned nothing new about Ancient Greece, & didn't enjoy it.  We have out grown you.  The book donation pile just doubled :)   


  1. We love Magic Tree House! But I agree, the constant, "Jack said" and "Annie said" gets very annoying.

    Emma first fell in love with the series when she was 4, we listened to all 40 of them on audio over and over till she was about 5 or so. Then she didn't listen to them for almost a year, and now she is back into them again.

    Someone will be very happy to receive those books!

  2. LOL. So true! My son still loves them though. Don't forget about the research guides:) Have you tried the ones with Morgan Le Fay? They have less of this.Thank you for sharing.