Wednesday, April 11, 2012

going and going

We have been busy! Yesterday we had home school swap with Joyful Liberation. Normally swap day is a long day but I picked Boo at 1:00 to go home, rest, eat, and do her homework...YES, we had homework and we waited until the day before it was due to do it.  We joined a local home school club SLHS which meets on Wednesdays for kid centric fun & there was an egg drop going on at the same time, same place, mostly same people, so why not drop?! 
 But I didn't pull her from play to do 'homework' I pulled back home for the afternoon because of the Gymnastics Try-Outs she had that evening from 4-8 PM or whenever they finish (what the note said).
 Here is the practice drop, look at that parachute work!
After a 3 1/2 hr try-out Boo accidental threw Yugly her sock monster doll on the roof of the gym.  She called her Papa from the gym phone, "I had a tragic accident..." I can only imagine the thoughts that went through his mind seeing the caller ID and hearing those words! A nice dad played Hero for us, climbed the building and rescued Yugly.
The next morning the stress and fatigue of the prior day lingered. 
But we did math, reading, science, history, and farm chores. 
 Then it was off to the park to meet the whole SLHS gang...
Boo (in red) getting a better view of things
 The drop site
 The egg safe and sound, no problem!
And from this beautiful scene we drove into another just as equality beautiful sight: peaceful civil discord.  We had a County Council Meeting to attend to support a rezoning issue for the owner of GTC, the gym Boo attends. 
I can't help but to marvel at how lucky we are to live child on the floor of an open door meeting playing with a child whose parents opposed the action we supported.  The parents thanking us for bringing a game & for including their child.  I will never get over the marvels of our government, especially at the local levels. 
We left the meeting in the pouring rain headed for a good bowl of Hot & Sour soup.
Oh-yeah, we have been busy.     

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