Monday, April 2, 2012

the evolution of 'work' & 'play'

When I heard Boo wake late and begin tinkering with the box of playmobil I thought starting school after all a long 'break' might be tough.  Perhaps we should begin by reading Children's books, move into boardgames or cards then see how we feel about 'work'....

"I need help."
"With what honey?"
"Where do kangaroo's diverge from reindeer in evolution?"  
It is a good thing I really am an Evolutionary Biologist isn't it?

This is one of those magic moments when she jumps ahead of me landing right in the middle of where we wanted to be next.  A place which suddenly makes us 'playing' in Southern Utah the perfect springboard.

Now, I am a habitual doubter.  Standing in the middle of Ancient ruins of North American Peoples, I thought: We are studying Ancient Greece why are we here? Why didn't I plan this better?  I had even thought once or twice on our trip: Too bad we aren't learning this.... But of course we were learning it, and are learning and playing and working and it all comes together, this & that, becasue it is the same thing. 

We may not be on the specific trail of these native peoples right now but we saw fossils & finds & signs of evolution.  We saw Ancients & their Gods & Goddesses.  We walked under blue skies over red rocks, orange rocks, blue rocks... up & across land formations asking ourselves 'what happened here?'. We gathered first hand understandings of general patterns, systems, and soils.  We built a foundation.

I followed her through dry canyons as she lead us to water and now she leads us right into our new science studies in a text book created for 7-8th graders.  We started in Chapter 14 The History of Life.  We were able to skip the first 8 chapters of ecology because she knows her ecology already.  I am holding the genetics chapters for a bit later (9-12), if you ask me tough boring stuff until we can get out in the garden with it. So here we are, ready to play?        

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