Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Saturday

I was one of the later grand-kids so I remember my Grandmother as being very very old.  I remember pink cardigan sweaters draped over her shoulders, slip on shoes, big eye glasses, and careful slow foot steps.  Of course she wasn't always old, my Little Grandma Brown.  Once she could do back handsprings, danced like a flapper, and wanted her hair bobbed like Cleopatra's.  She had six children and every year she hosted a Family Easter Egg hunt.  My grandma has passed a away.  Now my oldest sister hosts the party.  The kids hunting for eggs and candy in the grass are our children not us.  A family and its traditions live on.
Her Easter basket says: go big, or go home.
The kids are lined up by age and if needed height can be considered. 
Then the littlest are set free with a good 45 second head start. 
It is enough time for them to safely clear the stairs.
After a little hunting the oldest group
(my oldest 2 are missing the party they are in camping together in Goblin Valley)
is given permission to join in. 
Us adult cousins may not have been the children hunting but our kids were
encouraged to gather the candy we like. 
None of us have really grown up.
After the hunt there is great food.
 Here is Boo spending time being teased by one of her favorite uncles.
He's one of my favorites too!
In this pack our girls are out numbered by boy cousins.
But something tells me she is just fine with that.
Three boys all about her age & size to rough with!
Boo also pulled off a round-off double back handspring back-tuck in the yard!!!
Papa losing at chess to one of my brilliant nephews.
And when we got home Boo talked the Easter Bunny into finishing off the holiday.
Why not?
Happy Easter from my family to yours.

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