Wednesday, April 4, 2012

the Easter dress blues, taking a stand

This is Boo at her first family Easter Egg hunt.  She is dressed in blue satin with white contrasting tights, smart classic black Mary-Jane's, and to finish off the outfit she is holding an earth worm. I've said it before- she came this way. 
I just spent two hours shopping (that is a life time for me!) digging though Easter bins for non-pink thing.
So here is what I found: a hair brush, a finger scrubber, crayons, blue knitted booties, tiny egg cartons with gum eggs, a green frog bank, chicks, and the Play dough dentist kit (very fitting after that tooth ordeal). All of it in the bag for under $22 bucks! And suddenly it hits me, she doesn't have and Easter dress....again.  I ran to closet to double check and that was when I realized something.
Here is last years 'dress' in action paired with pants and sneakers. 
In our defense it was an under water egg hunt.
But I believe there is a larger issue to defend: her choice to not wear a dress if she doesn't want to.  For some of you this may be a no-brainer, if she doesn't like dresses not big deal.  In my family it is a big deal: there are simply times when women are expected to dress appropriately, in skirts or dresses.  For others of you it might seem like teaching her to conform to social norms is a good thing & I would be one of those people most of the time, but not when it comes to the issues of Gender.  I would back a son's right to wear a dress or nail polish or carry a doll.  The same way I will (now; the something I realized) back my daughter's right to NOT do any of those things. My father is going to grumble, probably a lot.  He's going to tell me how beautiful she would look in a dress (& oh, she would!).  Then he is going to buy her dresses. And that is going to be okay.  But I will never make her wear a dress again if she doesn't want to. 
Whatever Boo picks to wear for Easter will be appropriate, it will be clean and neat and suit the weather. And if it happens to be worm & tree appropriate, all the more power to her. 

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  1. Awesome pictures! I completely agree with the no dress rule, thankfully no one in our family seems to care much, though Gramma will buy lots of pretty dresses just in case.