Thursday, April 12, 2012

a day in the life of a dust fairy

After a breakfast of French Toast and a little PBS kids, Word Girl & Curious George, we started our rainy cold school day on the sofa upstairs under a pile of quilts.  We began with a few rounds of BrainQuest questions & reading a couple of stories from Mistakes That Worked, 40 Familiar Inventions and How They Came to Be.  I'm finding this a great way to start school for us. Then Boo (all settled) read to me for about 25 minutes.  I read a chapter of our US history novel By The Shores of Silver Lake, which we haven't read in for a long time (feeling guilty about that).   After reading I had to abandon the couch for some house work in need of conquering.  I set Boo up with Greek Mythology work (reading & writing in her history notebook) and a Greek Mythology cartoon.  After she finished reading and watching we sat down together for Eyewitness Mammals DVD (we are working on the classification of the Animal Kingdom and the Geological Time Scale).  Boo reminded me to look up the egg laying mammals for her.  A question she wanted answered from our biology work yesterday morning when the text noted 2 egg-laying mammals but only listed 1.  Our answer made us laugh, we had the answer all along, it was right in front of us in Squids will be Squids.

From there we moved to Math.  It is a new workbook for us and I was torn between getting the 2nd grade book or the 3rd grade book but in the end I decided we could use the review.  The whole reason to replace the multiple books we were using with just one was to have a more fluid curriculum.  Boo flew through the first 5 lessons in about 20 minutes but she was happy so I just smiled.
We took a snack break at 11:30 and while we were in the kitchen we did some tidying (& laundry) and made a fresh batch of sugar maple syrup.  When we finished we took a bowl of air-popped popcorn back upstairs spending about a half an hour answering more BrainQuest questions at Boo's request.  After I got too bored to go on we switched to reading The Jungle Book, by Kipling.  A sudden visit from Boo's mostly-grown sister sent Boo off to collect eggs then into the big chair for a visit to video game land on her sister's phone while we talked about College French, the perils of math class, and social lives of mostly grown girls & boys.

When the chatting ended and the mostly-grown-sister split we played a double round of Money Bags. By the time we wrapped up Money Bags it was 1:30 (coffee time!).  I put Just So Stories,  (also) by Kipling (the set of story tapes I found thrifting) into Boo's tape player.  I folded the last of the laundry and enjoyed a cup of joe. Boo listened, colored, and practiced her drawing with Ed Emberley.  Love Ed Emberly! 

At 3:00 I ended the school day for a late lunch of tea & toast, a PBS kids show, and all the preparation for a 4 O'clock gymnastics practice.  Gathering of the leo, glasses, glasses strap, water bottle, snack break, fill the crock-pot for late dinner, care for the dogs & cats, collect late eggs, feed hens...
Well, that is a pretty typical good school day.  Looks like we covered US history & World history, literature, science, math, PE, art, and home economics!

After 3 hours at gym we will join Papa back at home for a late dinner (thank goodness for the crock-pot!) and an hour of reading, I think it will be in the Little House book, time to finish it and move on. We usually play a game or two or spend a little time out in the hot tub in the greenhouse.  Shower, PJ's, teeth, and off to bed. 

It is a home school life :)

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  1. Thanks for a peek into a typical day. I love seeing how other people live their unschooling lives.