Sunday, April 8, 2012

candy math, sets, & evolution

Time to sort candy! 
Feeling a bit happy about the amount of candy she doesn't know...
First pass is by type
Then we introduce sub categories.
Sets: A. candy she doesn't like  
B. candy she can't have for one reason or another
A. & B. candy she doesn't like & can't have.
Last we set out to explain the evolution of chocolate:
It was pretty funny as it turns out Rollo's & Chocolate with peanut butter
are the most evolved form of chocolate candy! 
Twix the most specialized.
Boo said Tootsie Rolls are the marsupials of the chocolate family.
I know this equation:
 child + blanket of candy= a mom who says now go put all of that away!


  1. Please don't tell me that Almond Joys are in the pile of "candy she can't have for one reason or another". That's cruel. Almost requires a call to Child Services!

  2. lol. Nope, Almond Joys are in the don't like :( and it was her parents who bought them for the hunt!!! As for anything being off limits, it is she who made the pile and the main reason a candy goes there is it hurts her mouth. Hence the 'don't like' and 'can't have' pile of whoppers and snickers.