Saturday, April 7, 2012

book finds

It is Spring vacation for most schools in our area so when we strolled by the NHMU
for Scientist in the Spot light and saw the miles of cars we politely,
with big old U-turn strolled away...
how about a thrift store adventure instead?
We love finding story tapes!
Boo has a passion for poetry.
And for Goosebumps.
I included the Magic Tree House books, Greece & Rome anyone?
Then there was this Kit 1World Book Development Program.  I didn't agree to buy it for the reading program part (still back whole original sources whenever possible) but for the great retro stories and art.  It is meant to be a companion to the World Book Encyclopedias! There are stories in there on all sorts of crazy topics. A little tale about Woody Guthrie? Why not! 

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