Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I believe true writing is not something you can teach but it something you can ruin.  A few days back I asked Boo to start writing at least 3 sentences a day to practice handwriting, kid spell, and punctuation. It was not meant to be creative writing.  The first written on the back of a sheet of math problems was this: 

We went to the park.  I like the park it is fun.  I wish we could go back to the park right now. 

Yesterday, I gave her a notebook.  "Here," I said, "This is for your 3 daily sentences."

It was a summer day at the park.  I was at the park when the house across the street caught on fire.  The house was a pet store.  I went to my house and I said to my mom, "That was the pet store."  My mom said to me that bad things happen.

This morning I found myself competing with my child for 'writing time' on the computer. No-brain-er, a child wants to learn you step back and let them.  I went out to the green house to run on the treadmill.  An hour later I sat down to look at her work. 

It was the kind of day when everything goes wrong.  But something must go right, I thought in my head.  Oh-no, I didn’t just, yes, I just… oh-no, no, no, no, I fell asleep in school.  I wanted to fade.  The teacher called me to the front of the classroom.  I grunted.

I have raised 4 children, 3 are writers. 
If you want them to write: read, read, read.    
And then let them go...

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