Friday, February 24, 2012

welcome to the weekend

We have chilled slow cooked chicken in the fridge & orange corn meal cake on the counter.  The whole house is clean, the laundry done & away, the people shiny, the weekend blanket is out with all its fun...
How about kiddo's first game of CLUE.
Of course she won, fair & square. 
(I am highly competitive & would never go easy on anybody!)

 We found R2...he was in the library.
What else is on the agenda?  Always tons of reading, the library, the bread store, a walk or two, a monster themed slumber party for one of Boo's little besties who is turning 9, a dollar movie, gymnastics practice, the Bug Brigade at the museum, & a big family party at my parents house on Sunday afternoon to celebrate the all February family birthdays.
Blue skies in the valley and snow in the mountains- perfect!

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  1. We have the Simpsons version of clue. Emma loves to play, but has to have a helper. Have a great weekend!