Sunday, February 19, 2012

visiting her space

With my older children I had a very strange habit of deep cleaning their rooms on Saturday or Sunday morning while listening to public radio.  With Boo there is no need, she is a type of a clean freak- her type.  She has the strangest things in her room and a funny need to 'set it up'...but she cleans it all the time.
In this rare extended kid-less weekend (Boo is sleeping over with her beloved gym coach) I decided to clean her room, straighten books and hang up the whole new wardrobe of hand-me-downs we got (thanks friends).  All the wall art she inherited with the room from her older sister.
So here are some of the clothing we were gifted:

And because all of us love them, some of the old books I straightened:

I feel sort of like I am snooping...

fortune telling glitter :) it does exist!

This little wooden cupboard we found in the
cellar of our house.

~I will let myself out~

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