Tuesday, February 7, 2012

a short trip through the solar system

what to do with reviews & reruns

Sometimes we find material we have already covered along our educational travels.  It’s good to circle back building higher and higher learning more than before.  But sometimes the reoccurring concepts or ideas are too familiar or we never really loved them in the first place.  That is when my job as a teacher gets hard. 

As home schoolers we each have to decide what is important to us.  Why are you home educating? What are your goals?  For us, we want Boo to feel free to study what she finds interesting. There is too much out there to learn to spend time locked down on what you don't 'need' to know (Strange idea isn't it? Give it a moment).  AND at the same time I want her to have a base knowledge that would allow her an easy transition into the public school system if at some point she decided to try school again. It means chasing a curriculum I don't like or agree with.

Our 2 wants aren't in direct conflict as often as one might think.  I try to keep the state curriculum as more or less a secondary check list on the corner of my desk, checking off the benchmarks we meet through our natural learning with very little interruption.   I have found many times as a concept appears on the edge of the teacher's to do list but before I get a chance to make the introduction my child naturally happens on it herself.   

From time to time, conflicts do arise, mostly when we use text or workbooks.  I have found a middle ground to take when we encounter such a dilemma.  The question: do you power through or go around?  I feel bad doing either so when it comes to history or science, I cheat and do a bit of both.  I read the material on our topic while she draws her impressions of what I am reading (Classical Education tool).  Then we move on.  Unless of course the review sparks an interest in the topic then we might linger a bit more.  Explore, what a great idea!     

Solar System Review:
Text Book Science Grade 3 (Macmillan/McGraw-Hill)
Supporting book 555 Questions and Answers About Science and Nature  (Parragon)

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