Monday, February 20, 2012

reasoning and following directions fun

I wanted to be able to give the link to the company who makes these great worksheets on reasoning & following directions (& read the copy right! & order more) but I cannot find them. 
Part of the issue maybe I received these from my mother-in-law who has taught overseas forever and they might be ancient

 More complex than age and geography, they may come from a company which specializes education packages for children with processing challenges, high end tutoring, & test taking preparation.  But if it is them they don't offer any information on their materials or have any indications that they have a publishing house. 
Since they don't photograph well (no scanner), the best way to describes these worksheets in general is they are story problems.  Using a list or set of directions enclosed within the story you eliminate objects or fill out codes. 
In the end the object left or code word is the correct answer to the story question.
When I was studying for the MCAT this was exactly how we were taught to answer questions: rule out what it isn't first then evaluate what is left.
 We pull these out with our language arts work. 
Boo enjoys them so much I am going to have to find more.    
We have almost gone through what we have. 
Time to get researching. 
If you know where I can find these or similar thought puzzles
& worksheets please let me know.


  1. I am not sure exactly what they have, but we like the worksheets here All of the worksheets use to be free, but I think pinterest helped them get TONS of users, so they needed to start charging in order to provide a server that wouldn't crash. Or something like that. They charge $20 for the year, so it still isn't too bad. You might want to check scholastic as well. As a homeschool teacher, you qualify to order books and get all the points that a public school teacher would get, plus they have some awesome printables. They also charge, but if you use them, they are worth it. We were signed up for a few years, but I found we didn't do enough work sheets to justify the cost.

  2. I am also looking for the name of this great resource! Hopefully someone knows the name of the book. Great logics activity pages!