Saturday, February 25, 2012

a perfect match

Allow me to set the scene.  We are on a narrow tree lined street.  The quaint well kept houses are close together.  I pull over under a maple tree and turn off the car engine. 
"You know why I like Z & L so much?"  Boo asks slipping out of her booster seat.
"Why?" I say gathering an arm load of ready to bake pizzas. 
"Because when I am with them I don't have to be careful about what I say or do, I can can be me when I am with them."

And that in and of itself would be enough but imagine the 2 children your child is talking about, one girl and one boy, are the children of your best friend.  Not your old college roommate, or friend you made in high school, how about your best friend from the first grade?  And this is not just any house this was the house the two of you played in together.  Where she now lives, raising her family.

How about a duel before lunch?
Between a long haired boy & a short haired girl.
A duel between friends whose differences only serve to make them more alike.
   Imagine that a perfect match.   

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