Sunday, February 5, 2012

passing love notes

One of our family traditions is to pass notes to each other through 'good fairies'.  They are very busy around here delivering Valentine's.  We don't wait for the calendar.   
Boo has been finding notes on her bed, some with little gifts like a new pencil & roasted pumpkin seeds but most are simply words of love.  The hand written notes have 2 purposes. The first, to tell her we love her.  The second, to help her transition from reading predictable typed print to deciphering the variables in handwriting.   
Last night the fairies visited mom.

On my pillow a weeks worth of returns.
 Handcrafted love: I L U


  1. That is a super sweat idea. I recently started leaving random words or short sentences around the house on sticky notes. The random words are usually associated with some silliness that happened the day before, and the sentences are simply me telling my daughter I love her in many different ways. I even left one on the bathroom mirror for my hubby :)