Friday, February 17, 2012

naturalist lab at NHMU

We hit the NHMU for our first museum hosted Naturalist Lab. 
Scientist in the Spotlight Riley Nelson: "Save the Stonefly, Save the World". 
We didn't know what to expect, we went thinking if it wasn't fun we would just quietly slip out.  Once I saw the live bugs I knew we would be staying awhile. 
The museum had the classroom fully staffed to support the lab.
Tons of information and hands on activities plus plenty of supplies/tools.
Nelson was on hand answering & asking questions around the room. 
Plus he had a fantastic 'slide show' of his field work with wonderful music. 
He even taught us to how to make a bug catch with broom handles & window screen. 
We will definitely be back!

Scientist in the Spotlight 1st & 3rd Friday 2-4 pm, free w/museum admission
Phun with Physics 4th Wednesday 4-6 pm, free
Bug Brigade 2nd & 4th Saturday 2-4 pm, free w/museum admission

I contributed to Saturday's Artist


  1. We love stone flies around here. Eric fishes, so we're pretty interested!

    1. Boo was on rescue most of the time, returning little lost stone flies to their pots of cool water or adding snow to those who needed it. It was pretty cool.