Saturday, February 4, 2012

letting them follow their stars

Sometimes the paths our children take look familiar and sometimes they are so foreign you need a whole new language to bridge the divide between where you thought you would be and where you are. 
“Hello my name is Misty, and I am the mom of a competitive gymnast…an eight year old competitive gymnast.”  Not that there is anything wrong with that, right?  Honestly, some days I wonder.  Days like last week when a girl in the gym broke her arm as we all watched.
I remember with the first 2 kids the romantic idea of them finding their passions early.  Of walking in & hearing your child being cheered.  How happy for them you would be, whatever they picked. Well, maybe... 
Back then I was a young parent, I am much older now, a touch wiser. I understand how fleeting childhood is. There is plenty of time down the road for 'fame & fortune', whatever it may mean for them That is why when at the tender age of 6, Boo, our youngest, showed promise as a gymnast, soccer-mom me, stood behind her. Because I am her mom.  And covered my eyes.  That too, because I am her mom. 
She’s good; that is the hard part.  It is scary, it is rough, it is expensive, & it takes loads of time & devotion. And she loves it.  Every single moment of it- cannot get enough. 

I have wallowed in the loss of sampling little classes here or there.  I have wondered if competitive gymnastics is a good idea at all.  I have even tried to slow us down a bit. I didn’t succeed, unless you consider giving her coaches a good laugh over my attempts success.

In the end this is her path to take.  Hers, win or lose.  My doubts & fears belong to me.  My job now is to watch her on her way, making sure she travels as safely as possible down her path.  In someways I was right from the get go; it is romantic.  When you follow passion you find love.  Where you find love you find joy & sometimes heartache.  It isn't always easy but I am right behind you, it is in my job description.  I am your mom & that, for now anyway, I believe this is your star.     

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