Tuesday, February 21, 2012

a home school day

Started with math games.
A little math lesson & practice.
 Game not challenging enough? Make your own.
 What I love most about this is 'sixting' + five. 
I just started writing the name of the numbers next to her math
answers to familiarize her with them.
I suppose it is working.
 After penmanship practice a reading list challenge.
 No cook peanut butter bites.

Better with bananas and brown sugar she thinks. 

After snaking & lots of reading English Lit & Science in mom's bed we needed a walk to refresh.
 Back home for lunch, Geography, & History.
 And a phone call from Louisiana!
 More history reading in the Little House books while icing a sore neck.
A bit of down time & then we are off for 3 hours at the gym...wow, what a day.


  1. I am a little tired just reading about it! I love seeing how others spend their days learning, it is so much fun for me to see how many different ways there are to accomplish it :)

    1. When I was researching home schooling I skipped all the theory and politics of it and went straight to what does it really look like. I find even now that is one of my most favorite item to find in other home schooling blogs.

  2. I am not one for politics anywhere, especially not where educating my daughter is concerned. When our family was making a list of possible Air Force bases we would want to be stationed at (hubby graduates from ISU ROTC in May), the first thing we looked at was homeschooling laws. We plan to homeschool no matter where we are, but if we get a choice, we want it to be less of a run around.