Friday, February 3, 2012

going to grandma's

On my days off I write, & read my own books, & run the dogs. 
I shop for school supplies & dinner. 
I lesson plan & try not to read ahead too far.  I eat lunch in peace. 
And I miss her beside me always asking questions.
  But I know she is in good hands.
And I know I need this day for myself.   
Where does a 'home schooling stay at home mother' turn to get a day off?
To her Mother of course.
Like I said, she is in good hands~
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  1. A Mom's day is really something that is under utilized by most moms, me included. I was just thinking today that I really need one. In our house, Mom's day off is also Da and Daughter day, so it serves two purposes :)
    Might have to see what is on the agenda for tomorrow...