Tuesday, February 28, 2012

following her into space

I might have implied awhile back astronomy is not really one of our loves.  We have passed through it in unit studies three times now.  At one point Boo and a few friends even took Star Classes at the Museum of Ancient History.  Astronomy was fun & interesting on the first pass, the second time not so much, but guess what? The third pass was the charm. Boo is loving astronomy. 

Last summer I found a set of 3 bio viva educational games second hand for .75 each: Mission Space, Mission Antarctic, Mission Jungle.  Following boo's interest, I pulled out Mission Space asking her Papa to preview the game & instructions for us so we could decided if 'we' were ready to play. 
After a few minutes he explained the game itself was simple but offered the questions seemed challenging, giving me an example: Which planet has a moon which is only twice as small as it is? 
Before he could read the three choices Boo from over on the computer, back turned, hoodie up, glasses slumped down her nose, playing Webkinz, in a total deadpan said, "Pluto".  We exchanged looked & burst out laughing.  Mission Space it is!       

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