Thursday, February 23, 2012

easy sew frog

While flipping through some very old craft books I came across the pattern for this little Leap Year Frog sewing project.  It was just an old photocopy with the pattern on it, where it came from I'm really not too sure. I looked around the blog-o and there are tons of free down loadable patterns or it can easily be generated free hand.

When the older kids were little I coached youth soccer and I know I used this pattern to make terry-cloth frog ice pack covers.

I offered the pattern to Boo.  She loved it right away.  So while I read to her on one end of the bed she sewed on the other.

When he was almost all done we filled him with rice, then she stitched him shut, and sewed on button eyes. 
If you want to make the ice pack cover use baby washcloths (the thinner ones work best).  Stitch the two sides together around the body making sure to leave the mouth open (hemming the edges on each side so they don't fray).  When you need an ice pack you slip a sandwich bag filled with ice in through the mouth.

~Meet Green Monster~
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  1. i love that idea. what a great project. :) very cute.

  2. Wow my kids just finished up their sewing projects from a kit yesterday and I told them I would make them some new felt sewing kits. This is a great inspiration. Thank you!

  3. So, so cute--I love his button eyes!

    *Stopping in from OLM.