Wednesday, February 22, 2012

easy readers

Most of Boo's early readers are hand-me-downs from older siblings or friends.  In fact, if you look at the bottom part of that stack those were mine when I was little.  Now that Boo is reading on her own it was time to see what we really had- like 2 Flat Stanley's. How did that happen?
 I made a pile of doubles and books she didn't care for to go to
the school at the Homeless Shelter. 
Then sorted the books by easiest to challenging.
 I was sad she decided to part with the Henry and Mudge books-
oh how I love them! 
She told me they were boring. 
The scary books are more little Boo's style.  
There is a reason she is called Boo!
 Last night a friend at the gym gifted us the Ivy & Bean books,
super excited to read them!  Thank you Friend.
And that is that, her books, her time to read. 

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  1. Emma lucked out by getting a Gramma that taught k-3 for 30+ years. We have a plethora of books given to us by Gramma.
    I like the idea of sorting them according to difficulty. Maybe Emma would be more willing to try reading. Although, we read "Per and the Dala Horse," by Rebecca Hickox the other night, and Emma decided she wanted to read the first page herself. It took about 20 minutes, but she did it:)