Friday, February 3, 2012

dusting off darwin

It seems like a long time since we have studied science.  As we casually flipped through the solar system yesterday I began to wonder what had happened to science.  There are several logical reasons we are missing it.  Like a change in the swap schedule for 2x a week to 1x.  Of course there were those great chances to be out in nature and observe first hand.  The push to gain independence in reading rearranged some of our priorities for a time.  I suppose our adventures with Laura Ingalls, the Salem Witch trials, and the Dust Bowl of Texas filled our time too.

And although science is one of the main reasons we are a home schooling family, I found myself talking to another homeschooling mom about daily course work discovering that we both like to cover the reading & math basic everyday alternating history with science. 
How did that happen to us?  We love science.  We simply left science blowing in the wind…quite literally that is where we left off in the Weather Unit at Wind. 

Weather Wonders, Dispezio, Levine, Johnstone.

Weather Vane  taken from Weather Wonders pp. 20-21
Supplies: Heavy stock paper, straw, tape, shoebox, empty thread spool, scissors, glue, magnetic compass, books.

  1. Cut an arrow shape out of a sheet of heavy stock paper.  The arrow needs to have along slender shaft.
  2. Insert the shaft into a straw.  Use tape to secure these parts together
  3. Punch a hole in the top of a shoebox.
  4. Position a spool over the opening so that the holes align.  Glue the spool to the box top.
  5. Insert the straw through both holes.  The straw and arrow should spin freely.
  6. Tape a magnetic compass to the top of the box.  The compass needle will point out true directions. 
  7. To prevent the weather vane from blowing away, load weights into the box and then secure the shoebox cover with tape.   

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