Thursday, February 2, 2012

classic 'old' book day

With light snow falling I started to plan our day.  The solar system, spelling, working in the reader, math, writing, & of course we will need something hot & warm to eat before we head off to the gymnasium for gymnastics practice this afternoon.  What shall it be, spicy clove cookies or creamy pumpkin bread? That was what I was pondering as I was making my bed & I found these, tucked away in a basket in my bedroom.
 My books.
(oh, don't let our Progressive Papa see the We Help Mommy,
it makes him cross! He finds it very sexist. I think it is sweet.)
 Books from when I was a little girl.
 How about some reading in French?
  Or perhaps these?
A monster book? Yes, the one listed as Boo's favorite book from way back when she was in preschool.
 How funny, the two sided book I'm My Mommy on one, I'm my Daddy on the other, simply flip the book over for the other story.
And then the stories meet in the middle.
How about a book even older than me?
It's a good thing.


  1. Love the book We Help Mommy. My seven year old read it to me the other day. It was a book I kept from my childhood. There is another one, We Help Daddy. I have seen it online. Everytime I go to thrift stores I look for it.

    1. I love that one so much! I would love to find the Little Mommy Golden Book. I still have my copy but it is missing the front cover & 2 pages. :)

  2. LOVE old books, seriously we had to build a library for them. My husband and I take turns being grumpy with each other over how many books we have :)

  3. The older Golden books have such great illustrations! My kids had both We Help Mommy and Daddy, I still have all their books - saving them for hopefully, my future grandchildren!

  4. Was Eloise Wilkin the illustrator on the We Help Mommy book? I love her work.

    Richard Scarrey is another of my favorites. His little characters are so dear.

    1. Tammy, I believe she was, it is the same quality & style of illustration but without my front cover & title page I would need to look it up to say for sure.