Saturday, February 25, 2012

bug brigade at the NHMU

Sorry to say but this was my least favorite museum program so far.  Don't get me wrong it was fun and the museum is so magnificent it is hard to be feel let down too long.  But between not enough bugs and too much brigade (aka Saturday crowds) the quality of interaction between the museum staff and the kiddos was lacking.
We ran into a number of friends along the way making it fun to turn corners and meet them all over again!
Probably what I enjoyed the most was hosting my best friend and her son Z through their first trip to the museum.
My advice on the bug brigade would be this: if you are already planning to go to the museum on a Saturday afternoon stop by and see the bugs but I wouldn't make a special trip to see them.  Sorry NHMU, I think the other programs set the bar very high, which is a good thing.  We had fun, the kids seemed pleased but to this event we had to bring our own 'wow'.     

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