Thursday, February 16, 2012

biosphere project

The contents of the envelope marked TOP SECRET delivered to Boo:

You have been chosen as the lead scientist in a top secret biosphere project.  As you may know a biosphere is a closed environment which has all the components needed to support life.  You will be able to design your living space to meet your needs.  There are no financial limits however, a few rules apply:

1. You can invite any real living person or animal to join you but you must be able to meet all their needs as well as your own.
2. You can use any existing technology to support you and your team but no science fiction allow.
3. You must be able to meet all needs within the biosphere for one entire year: health & wellness, nutrition, education, garbage disposal, clothing, etc. without outside intervention.

19If you accept this offer please prepare the following documents in the folder provided:

1. A list of people and animals you wish to join you on Team Biosphere.
2. A list of items you wish to take with you.  If it applies please include why &/or how many of each item listed.  You may wish to use a calendar, your team list, and a calculator to do this.   
3. A blueprint drawing of your living and green spaces.
4. A brief plan on how you plan to live within the biosphere for 1 year.

There is lots of work to do so take your time and good luck! 
We look forward to hearing from you.
The Men in Black


  1. That sounds really fun! I am adding this post to our learning folder for future use.

    1. We are already having a blast with it & we are still in the 'talking it through phase'. I expected her to ask for her gymnastics coach to join her but I was shocked she wanted a butler!