Saturday, February 25, 2012

being nice

A child learns how they are to behave by watching the grown-ups around them. 

What kind of people do I want my children to grow up to be? 

The kind who hold doors, offer seats, pick up liter, and add change to expired parking meters. 

I want them to be the kind of people who smile at strangers in a crowded train & chat easily in a grocery store check out line with old ladies buying cat food and toilet paper. 

I want my child to be the kind of person who would be so nice she would leave her Papa a note & snake for him to find while she was away at a slumber party.  I was as surprised as he was to find it, she didn't tell me about it.  She wasn't looking for approval or a reward she was just being nice. 

And she isn't the only one, her brother & sister are very nice too!  I say they get it from my mom who has the 'nice gene' but in all honesty that is only half the nature/nurture story.  Yes, I believe people by nature tend to be nice or not so nice but my kids are nice because we are nice to them.  I'm nice to them because my parents were kind and nice to me. 

Nice is a little word doing a big underappreciated job and being nice isn't always easy.   


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  1. I completely agree! I am lucky enough to have the NICEST mother-in-law in the world. She isn't just nice to me, she is nice to everyone. No matter what. I can only say that without her awesome guidance, I am not sure I would like the person I would have become.
    We also like to feed the expired meters for other people, or we will toss a bit extra in ours as we are leaving.